TICA Newsletter Vol.77(2016.3.31)

TICA ニュースレター バックナンバー TICA ニュースレター一覧

These Japanese Needle Felt Cats Almost Look Real

By: Louise Hung

A recent email from Catster executive editor Vicky Walker made me go "HA!" out loud. "WHAT is going on here?!" she asked, and followed with two links to sites featuring fluffy, if slightly bizarre, little cats and dogs made of what appeared to be fur. Both links were mostly in Japanese.

I love a little cat-centric mystery. Cat lovers are weird and wonderful people, and we at Catster have the privilege of investigating the most delightful of those folks. Japan, with its obsession with all things kawaii or "cute," is no exception. However, like Vicky, I wasn't quite sure what I was looking at.

Language barrier be damned, those fluffy little creations needed my attention. I had a mission.




The internet just gave a Japanese island where cats outnumber humans more cat food than it knows what to do with

Story by Tony Manfred and editing by Kristen Griffin

Aoshima is a tiny island in Japan's Ehime prefecture where cats outnumber people eight-to-one. The so-called cat island is a tourist destination in the summer, but in the dead of winter the number of visitors dwindles.

On February 20th, a Twitter account associated with the island sent a tweet saying the island's 16 residents were having trouble keeping all the cats fed, and that they needed food donations. The message was retweeted 17,000 times, and only four days later another tweet asked the world to kindly stop sending them cat food because they were out of places to put it all. Read More.




Animal Matters Not all feral cats are wild

By: Jean Thorn

Frankie was thought to be a feral but he was so tame he was able to find a loving home. Feral cats are not given a chance when they are taken to most Animal Control facilities. They are killed almost immediately and never considered for release and/or adoption. Feral cats are domestic cats.

They have the same bloodlines as their tamer relatives. In fact, many of them are the offspring of the pet your neighbors tossed out when they moved away. Unprotected, un-neutered, this previously protected cat adds to the birthrate and produces kittens that are not used to a human touch. Many of the cats that are deemed feral and automatically killed at Animal Control facilities throughout the world are not feral.

Countless numbers are so frightened that they cringe from human contact when taken to Animal Control because of the scary noises and scents: loud barking dogs, wailing cat cries, and the horrible smell of fear. These kitties are automatically deemed feral and aren't even offered to any group or individual for rescue. Most aren't kept alive long enough for observation to determine whether they are tame or not. Read More.


フランキーは母猫ときょうだいと一緒に捨てられました。元々野良猫と思われていて、TNRのために捕獲され、餌場に戻されました。母猫ときょうだいはすぐに人に慣れましたが、フランキーは人がいると餌場に近寄りませんでした。「子猫ちゃん、子猫ちゃん」と呼ぶ声が聞こえると、林の中から鳴き声が聞こえましたが、近くには来ませんでした。6、7ヶ月経つと、自分から姿を現すようになりました。餌場で他の猫とも仲良くなりました。フランキーが捨てられた場所が動物管理センターであったなら、ずっと前にフランキーは殺されていたでしょう。地球上のあらゆる生命が尊いのです。我々が神を愛し、敬うなら、我々は神が創造した全てのものを愛し、敬わなくてはならないのです。野良猫さえも、神が与えた生きる権利を持っています。我々は、他の生物に野蛮な行為を行う者を強く罰しなくてはなりません。悪が勝利するために必要なたった一つのことは、 善良な人たちが何もしないことである―エドマンド・バーク。全ての生物に対し、愛と寛容さを示す態度を明確にしなくてはなりません。そうしないと我々は悪の道をたどることになるのです。


SoHo Cat Cafe Gets 9 Felines Adopted in 10 Days

By: Danielle Tcholakian

A cat cafe on Grand Street has facilitated the adoption of nine cats barely two weeks since it opened. Little Lions at 40 Grand St. offers coffee, tea, pastries and the opportunity to play with cats you can take home after an adoption process.

Half of the space is the cafe, and a separate section is a hang-out for cats. Humans can join for $10 an hour. The felines hanging out in Little Lions' "cat sanctuary" are provided by Best Friends Animal Society, an animal rescue organization that aims to save dogs and cats from kill shelters. Each one is spayed or neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped — ready to be adopted.

Little Lions founder Erin McShane was inspired to open the cafe — and to use homeless cats — by her experience volunteering in animal shelters and fostering felines. She sees the enterprise as "a labor of love and a pragmatic solution to address cat homelessness."

"The response has been so wonderful," McShane wrote in an email. "We are getting more cats in this week since all but one in the sanctuary is now either adopted or going through the adoption process!" The one remaining is one-year-old Marlie, below, who McShane describes as "sweet and sassy." Read More.


グランドストリートにあるリトルライオンは、半分がカフェで、半分は猫のくつろぐ場所です。入場料は1時間10ドルです。リトルライオンの猫は殺処分場から犬や猫を救うことを目的としたBest Friends Animal Societyから猫を引き取っています。