TICA Newsletter Vol.75(2016.1.22)

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Cat Woman: Taiwan's first female president huge fan of felines

After the world's attention turned to Taiwan and its presidential election over the weekend, cat lovers may be happy to learn that Tsai Ing-wen, who won a landslide victory to become the island's first woman president, is one of their own.

The 59-year-old's love for cats is no secret among her supporters, many of whom, especially the young, are fans of her two house tabbies Xiang Xiang - or "Think Think" in English - and Ah Tsai.

The softly-spoken, independent and highly determined former law professor who lives alone arguably fits the stereotype of a "cat person".

Tsai keeps an extremely low profile regarding her private life, except when it comes to her


大統領が猫好きなのは支持者の間でもよく知られており、特に若者は大統領の2匹の虎猫Xiang XiangとAh tsaiのファンです。柔らかい話し方をし、強い決意を持った元法律学教授は一人暮らしをしており、典型的な「猫好き人間」です。大統領は私生活では控えめですが、ペットに関しては例外です。
Xiang XiangとAh Tsaiは頻繁に大統領選挙戦中に登場しました。
「Xiang XiangとAh Tsaiを引き取ってから、家族が2人増えたみたいです。大変な一日を終えて帰宅すると、2匹がドアのところでいつも私を出迎えてくれるのです」とフェイスブックで語っています。「2匹が1日の疲れを癒してくれるのです」


Lifestyles of the Pampered and Playful!

Nekochan introduces their latest line of toys, the ultra-chic UJI Tunnel System, which takes interactive cat play to a whole new level.

Three individual tunnel shapes can be used alone or zipped together to create over 20 different combinations!

Fits any size or shape room
Stylish, compact carry bag for easy travel and storage
Built-in safety pockets to store loops/buttons
Quality plush polyester and decor-friendly neutral exterior

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Nekochanが最新のおもちゃのコレクション、ultra-chic UJI Tunnel Systemを紹介します。


Pet Ownership Saves $11.7 Billion in U.S. Health Care Costs

According to a study by the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI), there has been an $11.7 billion savings in U.S. healthcare costs as a result of pet ownership.

"There was abundant research to show that pets have a positive effect on our health, but this is the first time that anyone has looked at the impact on the U.S. healthcare system," said study co-author Terry L. Clower, PhD Northern Virginia chair and professor of Public Policy at George Mason University's School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs and Director of its Center on Regional Analysis. "Our analysis shows that pet ownership produces meaningful savings for total health care costs in the United States."

The largest savings was determined based on a lower incidence of physician office visits by pet owners as compared to non-owners. According to the study, 132.8 million pet owners in the United States visit a doctor 0.6 times less than the average non-pet owners, and the average cost of a physician office visit is $139.

"Thinking about things that people should do to maintain their health, ‘get a pet' belongs on that list," said HABRI Executive Director, Steven Feldman. "When health insurance companies are looking at wellness incentives to keep costs down, pet ownership provides another way for people to stay healthy and save money." - World Pet Association.




Ohio's Feline Historical Museum is cat's meow


There's no middle ground when it comes to cats. You love them or despise them. Depending on where you stand, the Feline Historical Museum is either nirvana or a nightmare.

It's cats and more cats. And even more cats. Cats in frames. Cats on film. Glass cats. Porcelain cats. Cats, cats, cats.

Curiously, there are no real cats, unless you happen to show up on a day when a breeder friend of museum manager Karen Lawrence brings some Maine Coons to show.

"Well, you know, I travel too much," said Lawrence, who traverses the globe as a cat show judge. Who says cat ladies are crazy?


Hermès pledges love to big cats in Robert Dallet exhibit

French leather goods maker Hermès is showing the "fierce and fragile" side of big cats through a museum exhibition celebrating the art of Robert Dallet.

From Jan. 10 through March 13, visitors to the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT can view nearly 75 drawings, sketches, paintings and Hermès scarves designed by the late Mr. Dallet. The exhibit, and the sale of Mr. Dallet-related merchandise, will benefit the big cat conservationist group Panthera, best known for its connection to Zimbabwe's Cecil the Lion.


Lucky cats invite blessings in Japan

TOKYO - Manekineko, lucky cat figures that invite various blessings with their beckoning paws, enjoy great popularity as good-luck charms. The figures vary in origin, size, design and type.

These cats have round heads, large eyes and often hold a koban - a thin oblong gold coin in circulation from the late 16th century to around the end of the Edo period (1603-1867) - in one of their paws.

"The type manufactured in Tokoname [in Aichi Prefecture] caught on after the end of World War II," said Kanji Bando, a collector of and expert on manekineko who is also a photographer specializing in cats. "It's relatively new, considering the history of manekineko dating back to the late Edo period."




Ruh oh! Are cats the new dogs?

Everyone in the pet industry knows that dogs rule. When it comes to the number of U.S. households with dogs and the amount of money consumers spend in pet specialty, canines have typically outpaced all other pets—hamsters, turtles, fish, geckos, rabbits, sugar gliders, tarantulas and yes, even cats.

But a new study from Arm & Hammer suggest that cats may have more of an edge over dogs than many previously thought.

Naturally, if you are an avid cat lover who knows all too well the gazillion reasons why cats are wonderful and amazing—if not outright superior to dogs—this will not be news to you. Even the dog people among our readers have surely witnessed the rise in popularity of cats in pop culture. And while, at last count, there were still many more dog-owning households than cat-owning households in the U.S., according to the American Pet Product Association's National Pet Owner Survey, there were still more pet cats in total.


アメリカでは、他のペット‐ハムスター、亀、ウサギ、猫などよりも犬を飼っている家庭が最も多いと考えられてきました。しかし、新たな研究は、猫が犬よりも優れている可能性があることを示しています。愛犬家はポップカルチャーにおいて猫の人気が高まっていることに気付いています。「Lighten the Day Study」では、猫の飼い主の95%が、猫は気持ちを明るくしてくれると答えました。回答者の半数は、猫に話しかけた後により良い決断をすることができると報告しています。78%が、テーラー・スウィフト、エレン・デジェネレス、ケイティ・ペリーなど有名人が猫を飼っていることで、猫を飼うことが格好良いように思えると言っています。猫と犬の両方を飼っている10名のうち、約7名が犬よりも猫の方がよりリラックスさせてくれると言い、大半の回答者が、猫の世話は犬よりも楽であると答えました。ついに猫の時代に突入したのでしょうか?全ての飼い猫が待ち望んでいた日が到来したのでしょうか?やっとライバルの犬を負かす日が来たのでしょうか?とにかく、猫は超格好良いのです。


Princess Michael of Kent on cats, kings and the cub that stole her heart

Cats have always been a part of my life - big cats and domestic pets. My family nickname is Cat, and that also forms part of my email address.

Yes, I have also always had dogs - and love them - but I am The Cat.

It began early. A stray kitten crept into my heart - and bed - when I was a child. She remained hidden for quite some weeks - and by the time she was discovered, she had to stay, despite family opposition.

Kitty was not beautiful, partly feral, a nomad by nature who would only come to me, and she moved on when I went to boarding school.

I learned at a young age that a clever cat will sort out most dogs in lone confrontation, although more than one dog at a time might prove tricky.

As an adult, I have always kept Oriental cats and they can easily deal with our large dogs: a quick swipe of a paw - not always ‘gloved' - from the Burmese will do the trick. The Siamese think they are dogs and curl up together with our labradors.


Celebrating ONE, and ONE HUNDRED, on The History Project!

We invite you to celebrate with us, the 100th article on an individual cat's history which just happens to coincide with the first anniversary of our launch of The History Project web site on 30th December, 2014.


City's new website is going to the cats, for a moment

By Steve Annear Globe Staff January 13, 2016

The city of Boston's Twitter account posted this image in response to a request for more cats on the home page of boston.gov's redesign.

Chip Goines wanted more cats. And that's exactly what the city of Boston gave him.

On Tuesday, the person behind Boston's official Twitter account asked residents what they would like to see added to the city's upgraded website for constituent services. Mayor Martin J. Walsh's office last week launched the beta version of the site, which featured a drastic, colorful redesign.

Officials have been urging residents to take a survey to offer opinions on how to make the website flashier and more user-friendly.