TICA Newsletter Vol.73(2015.11.25)

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Cats and Dogs: Animals in the News

On Thanksgiving Day, kitchen counters and dining room tables across America will be smothered in golden brown turkeys, bubbling hot gravy, homemade rolls, and rich pies and cakes.

It's a feast for the eyes but, unfortunately, not just for people. Your pets will take it all in, too, ready to grab and dash if they see the humans are distracted by the hustle and bustle.

If you overindulge in Thanksgiving fare you feel uncomfortably stuffed for a few hours. If your pet gets into the food and gobbles too much, it could mean a trip to your veterinarian.

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Stray Cats Wander Onto G-20 Summit Stage

Some of the world's most powerful leaders are meeting at the G-20 summit in Turkey, but they were all upstaged for a moment by three stray cats.

The felines appeared on stage just before President Barack Obama and other world leaders appeared on Monday. Reporters covering the summit posted the video on Twitter.

One Twitter user later joked that cats wore security cameras to protect the G-20 leaders. There's still no word on where the cats came from.

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The Nine Lives of Russia's Hermitage Cats

Saint Petersburg (AFP) - For more than a century visitors have marvelled at the Hermitage Museum's precious collections, and for just as long dozens of cats have prowled the Saint Petersburg palace's sprawling cellars.

The felines have one main task -- to root out unwanted guests: rodents. The 70-odd brigade have their claws so deep into the history of Russia's largest museum -- and one of the world's oldest -- that there is even a special feline unit dedicated to their welfare.

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Stephen Colbert Invited a Cat Circus onto the Late Show. Adorable Laziness Ensued.

The intersection of cats and Stephen Colbert seems tailor-made for our brave new internet world. And yet it's somehow taken all this time — three whole months! — for the late-night host to feature performing cats doing tricks.

Okay, that last sentence should feature a whole bunch of scare quotes, particularly around "performing" and "tricks." Because this appearance by the Acro-Cats — a trained cat circus out of Chicago that promotes the adoption of rescue cats and kittens — is much more about a group of felines being pretty sure what their trainers want them to do and then steadfastly ignoring those instructions, while Colbert cavorts around, cat ears atop his head, performing the tricks the kitties are loath to execute.

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95-year-old N.J. Man is the Original Viral Cat Photographer

Before Grumpy Cat and Li'l Bub, there was Loco, a stray cat wandering in the snow spotted by photographer Walter Chandoha, 95, who has spent his life capturing cats and sharing them with the world.

From greeting cards, to magazines, puzzles, pet food and more, one way or another, you have seen one of Chandoha's cats. Still working today, his 34 book "Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer," was released in October and spans his decades long career.

Chandoha, born in Bayonne in 1920, said he was bitten by the photography bug at a young age. While in high school, he tinkered with his family's folding Kodak camera, but soon learned that taking photos was an expensive hobby.

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How to Make Your Home Comfortable for a Senior Cat

Just like people, cats experience a certain slowdown as they age, making once normal activities—like hopping up on their favorite windowsill or reaching their water dish—a bit more challenging. Learn more about the ways your senior cat is changing and gets tips on how to keep them comfortable around the home, below.

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This Giant 1891 Painting of 42 Spoiled Cats Sells for Over $800,000 at Auction

Me-wow! Art — and probably cat — enthusiasts were seemingly in a fur-enzy to get their hands on an epic 1891 painting by artist Carl Kahler when it went up for auction at Sotheby’s 19th Century Sale in New York City on Tuesday, Nov. 3. The oil on canvas, titled “My Wife’s Lovers,” was expected to sell for between $200,000 and $300,000, but according to Sotheby’s, the winning buyer paid an astounding $826,000.

Melanie Brister, the auction house’s spokesperson, tells Us Weekly that there were four bidders, and that there was “a bidding war between two determined collectors starting at $300,000.”

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カール・ケーラーにより1891年に描かれた絵が、11月3日にニューヨークのサザビーズのオークションに出されました。「My Wife’s Lovers」(わが妻の愛人たち)というタイトルの絵は、落札価格が200,000~300,000ドルと予想されていましたが、826,000ドルという驚異的な額で落札されました。入札者は明かされていませんが、カリフォルニアの個人収集家のようです。


November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month and Nationwide is partnering with the Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF) to increase awareness and raise funds to fight the number one disease-related killer of dogs and cats. Last year, Nationwide, the nation's first and largest provider of pet health insurance, received more than 67,000 pet insurance claims for cancer diagnosis and treatment in pets, making cancer-related conditions one of the most common types of medical claims. In fact, last year Nationwide pet insurance members accumulated more than $20 million in medical expenses for the top 10 pet cancer-related conditions. In a continuing effort to educate pet owners about the prevalence, detection and treatment of pet cancer, Nationwide recognizes November as National Pet Cancer Awareness Month.

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